In our patriarchal society, pseudo-feminists often end up becoming the reason why actual feminists end up facing so much flak by the male chauvinists or misogynists of our society. The definition of feminism is misinterpreted and misapprehended by a lot of people who are either trying to conform to the societal norms or using the word as a shield. These conformists don’t even know what they are fighting for; they are all in for it, only because of the new age modern cause called feminism. Feminism means equality of sexes on the basis of cultural, social, economic and political basis. Feminism is a movement against gender stereotyping. The reason why it is treated in a bad light is because some extremists use the term to suit their agenda.

Feminism is about letting a woman make her own decisions, letting her stand on her own feet instead of being dependent on someone else, it’s about telling a man that it is okay to cry and no it is not something only ‘women do’, it’s about providing a girl education without telling her that she should consider herself ‘lucky’. A man should not be questioned by anybody if he wants to become a homemaker. Similarly, a woman shouldn’t be questioned if she wants to earn her own living. Feminism is about treating every human being equal and with the same level of respect and dignity.

Pseudo-feminists don’t really want equality. They want a society which is completely dominated by women and where women lead the families and decide for others, where anything done or said by women should be unquestionable. They believe that feminism is all about female chauvinism, entitlement, and supremacy. Feminism shouldn’t just be another word to escape our problems or to say that women are superior or that ‘feminine things’ are worth opposing or even to show men in a negative light. Moreover, transphobia or homophobia shouldn’t be accepted in the name of feminism.

I agree women are a lot different from men physically and mentally. They are the bearers of new life. They are stronger than men emotionally. Feminism is not about relaxing norms for a woman and not for a man. It is not misandry, where we criticize a man for everything that he does. Feminism is about equal pay, equal opportunities, equal respect, equal rights in every aspect. It is about teaching your son how to treat women right just like how we teach our daughters to take care of her man. It is about a woman feeling the same sense of pride after receiving her first paycheck; it is about a woman facing the same obstacles as her male counterpart while climbing the ladder of success. Feminism is a radical notion that believes in equality for all. We need to fight for equal rights, not for the world that is dominated by one sex. Feminism means equality amongst sexes. So think before calling yourself a feminist.

Asu Malik

Asu Malik


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