Sexism At Work

Women don’t need salary or raises as they are secondary earners

This is another grudge male colleagues hold. Why do women need pay raises or promotions – since their salary is not primary in the household? Women’s salaries are for buying trinkets and for shopping. If that is so, why do men prefer to marry women who are employed? The double standards of men are staggering when you think about it. The fact of the matter is that the homes where women have a say in financial matters and decisions are the most financially sound families. So the lesser risk taking capabilities of ladies do serve them well in some instances.

Women don’t have anything to contribute in meetings

Many women don’t speak up in meetings due to the overwhelming male presence and even when a woman talks she is interrupted. I have seen this happen so many times – men interrupt when women are talking even when the woman in question is at a senior position than him. They forget that the ideas women bring forth to the table include a different perspective. I agree that risk taking behaviour is less in women but remember the best decisions need a good dose of pragmatism along with calculated risks. The recession in 2008 was partly caused by extreme risks taken by financial institution.


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