Father Abandoned Child

My father abandoned me for a very simple reason; I was a girl child, an afflicted misfortune. He further went on to marry another woman for a “son.” My journey to combat stereotypes began in infancy itself. My paternal family never even came to see me or my mother. The shock led my mother to fall in a coma for almost two years. My mother woke up after years only to find an unfamiliar child by her side. We were left alone with debasing health and no financial stability.

The society scorned us for not keeping up with their hypocrite standards. The outcast treatment was meted out to us only to drive the success story out of us. My mother worked day and night for years to keep me alive and find a job to survive. I became the lucky charm from former misfortune. Also, I was a misfit to receive education owing to my gender according to authoritarians of the society. But I did study my arse off in a school full of infested colonies of bugs and went on to win scholarships in reputed universities.

My spirit to break stereotypes overruled the venom spun by people. My gender determined my mind set, dress code, and rank in the society, responsibilities, and rights. It still does.  I was told to beg, shiver and die eventually. However, I did all the things I was never supposed to do. I went on to become the woman I was always meant to be, brave and strong.

Lovey Chaudhary

Lovey Chaudhary

An advocate of Social and Human Rights, Societal Blogger for Social Change and Impact, Writer, Consultant, Project Manager, Analyst, Academician, Research Scholar and A learner for life. Currently trying to learn French to inflate my egotistical sublime.

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